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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mojave Quail 2007

Opening day was the worst in years, but we still had a good time hunting near Ridgecrest. Troutson and Mike were there with me, braving the wind. We are hoping for more rain during the next eight months, and better hunting in the desert in 2008.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sugar Free Eggnog

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I'd try this out. The first thing you need is some DaVinci Sugar Free Eggnog Syrup.

Add a half a jigger of the syrup to a cup. To the syrup add 2/3 cup of non-fat half and half. Next, a half a jigger of Eggbeater product (don't worry - real eggnog uses raw eggs too, and Eggbeaters are pasteurized). Using a handheld frother, mix this up. Add your favorite liquor such as bourbon or brandy and top with nutmeg. For a thicker drink, add more egg.

The result is a satisfying drink, probably more like the original eggnog of the old days than the gluey stuff sold in the supermarket. Best of all, it tastes like the holidays, with only small amount of sugar (from the half and half) and no fat. Cheers!