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Monday, August 30, 2004


As of the end of August, I've cycled 1160 miles year to date. The new bike has been awesome.

Off to Arizona for a spot of dove shooting tomorrow... Stay tuned for the Dove Report.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Beer Discovery

The other evening, I discovered a new ale at the Old Ship pub in Santa Ana. It's called Marston's Pedigree. Wow! Smooth, flavorful, refreshing... What more can you ask for in a beer? Unfortunately, I'd already eaten; this ale would have been a great partner to a dish of fish and chips.

For this weeks dove shooting trip, I bought some Streitberg lager from Germany. I'll let you know how it is. The heat out in Arizona will probably skew the results. Any cold beer tastes good when the temperature is over 105'.

Team Trout Success

This post is late because of a massive virus infection (my computer, not me). Solved now, I hope.

The Troutkids and I had a pleasant backpacking trip last weekend, up in the Emerald Lakes Basin near Bishop. Despite some really bad weather on Friday afternoon, we caught lots of small brook trout and rainbows. The fly that worked best was the Elk Hair Caddis.

The area is very scenic, but steep. The kids did fine, however. They were just a bit ticked by the bad weather.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Summer's almost gone

As the warm days of summer draw to a close, there is a flurry of activity in our household. The Troutoffspring, Troutdaughter and Troutson, are accompanying me on a backpacking trip to the Emerald Lakes basin near Bishop. The area is around 11,000 feet in California's Sierra Nevada range, my favorite place for recreation. From hiking and trekking to trout fishing and bird shooting, the Sierras have it all.

We are planning an overnight trip to Hungry Packer Lake, which should offer some fine fishing. The cool temperatures at 11,000 feet should offer some relief from the heat. Both kids have caught trout on a fly before, and are eager to try it again.

September 1st brings the opening of dove season, which should find me in Arizona. The daily limit is ten birds. I guess there is no limit in Argentina.

September also brings a road trip with the Troutfiancee, and later in the month a backpacking and fishing trip to the Kern River.

Christian Duty

Will the day come when the Queen wears a burka? Or will we see black crescents on German tanks and airplanes instead of the Iron Cross?

If we in the West are in a cultural war with Islam, we could lose because we don't believe. History is full of conflicts that were won by those with less wealth and technology, but who had a fast-rising birthrate and a fervent belief in their cause.

The de-Christianization of the West may well be what causes us to lose. While Europe's and America's churches are being de-consecrated for lack of attendance, mosques are rising everywhere. A striking example of this is an opulent mosque within walking distance of one of Germany's industrial showpieces, the main Mercedes plant in southern Germany.

Do you want the West to win? If you are not a churchgoer, you can start doing your part. Go to church. Not every week, but regularly. Donate some money. For most of my readers, Christianity was good enough for your ancestors, why should you be different? Don't believe? Even priests have their moments of doubt. Uncomfortable? You'll get over it. There are more kinds of church than hot dinners; keep looking. We've got everything from contemporary services with rock bands to traditional Latin masses. You can take part, too. Christianity has a rich intellectual heritage for the mensa types, every conceivable type of music, discussion groups, study groups, charity committees, monastic retreats...

And the birthrate thing? Get married, have kids, and send them to Sunday school.

Hey, embrace your heritage, fight radical expansionist Islam, and maybe become friends with that guy Jesus. He seems to get along with all kinds of people.