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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mojave Quail

2005 has been a decent year for valley quail in the desert, less so for the chuckar partridge. I got a limit on opening day, and a good fraction of one on the next day.

Yesterday was even more exciting. The Troutson accompanied me out to some of my favorite spots in the Mojave. This was his first outing as a licensed hunter, and he was carrying a new Remington 870. I picked up a jackrabbit at our first stop, but we did not find any birds until the early afternoon. We found a smallish covey of about thirty quail. I was quite surprised when the Troutson dropped a bird from the initial rise, and got another when we climbed a very steep hill to hunt the singles.

Not bad for the first time hunting with a shotgun, and only the second time he has ever fired a shotgun. He has decided that quail hunting is now his favorite sport, better even than flyfishing for trout.

Though I must say Mr Freemarket's son is somewhat more dapper. Note their their shooting outing was on the same day as ours (and with a nicely varied bag, I might add).

Update November 23, 2006

Went pheasant shooting at Raahauge's in Corona. A great setup; the fields are generously large with good cover, and the birds fly well. Albert's pudelpointer Mana was a great asset, locking onto staunch points for us. Bonus chuckar partridge added to a mixed bag of five pheasant and four partridge.